What We Do

“Characterisation is about a writer’s grasp of what a human being is” – Andrew Miller

The success of a novel depends on insightful, considered and compelling characterisation.  For a fictional character to appear real, they need to have convincing inner lives.   They should have a traceable emotional history which makes sense of their needs, desires, ambitions, fears, secrets, contradictions and vulnerabilities.  They must stand up to close analysis.  This is why we’re offering writers the chance to put their characters on the couch.

Our team of experienced ‘Fiction Therapists’ – qualified psychotherapists who combine clinical expertise with extensive editorial experience – will help you to dive into the depths of your characters’ psyches.

  • Why do they do what they do?
  • What motivates them?
  • How have they become who they are?

We treat your characters as real people from the moment that they step into our consulting rooms – and we promise you, by the time that we’re done, you’ll be treating your characters like real people too.